AIGA:CSUAIGA:CSU has dual functions: it is the Cleveland State University student chapter of AIGA as well as CSU’s student group for students interested in graphic design. Our blog is a platform for showcasing student work and a way to share news, events, and inspiration.

As the CSU student chapter of AIGA, AIGA:CSU’s mission is to share design resources, principles, and skills as well as connect students with professional opportunities. We are representatives of the oldest and largest professional organization for designers and believe strongly in the unequivocal value of design.

As the student group for CSU’s graphic design students, we hope to serve as a nexus for everyone interested in the graphic design’s various dimensions: illustration, visual communication, photography, sculpture, typography, information design, UX / UI design, etc. We know there are many passions that inspire students to choose graphic design, an applied art that connects the needs of business with the creative heads, hearts and hands.

We welcome new members. Please contact us at aiga.csu@gmail.com for more information, or view our calendar for scheduled meeting dates.

Find us on Facebook at AIGA: Cleveland State or at CSU’s Orgsync.

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