Which fonts for what?

Which fonts for what?

Here’s an interesting guide to font selection I found.

While earning my psychology degree, I did a bit of research into empirical studies of typefaces and how well they represent brands. Short answer here is, its a pretty subjective field. A lot of times a font is considered “appropriate” simply because it’s traditionally been used in a certain way. More research is being conducted, as of course, businesses are interested in engineering the most favorable impression of their products they possibly can. I only mention all this because design is all about context, and there will never be a simple answer for which typeface to choose. Its tempting to think there are magic bullets but that’s a first step to gettin’ lazy.

Anyways, this guide won’t steer you too far in the wrong direction! But its always smart to learn the rules before you break them.

About Matt Kapela

Hello, I'm a graphic design and psychology student at Cleveland State University. Currently I'm serving as president of CSU's student chapter of AIGA. I'm convinced that when designers work together, great things can happen.

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