Color Palettes at COLOURlovers

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 9.34.31 AMYou’ve probably heard of COLOURlovers (or maybe you haven’t- go check it out now!).

It’s a great site that allows you to create color palettes, shapes, and  patterns and browse thousands that are made by others on the site.

Did you know that you can download illustrator files of color palettes that are available on the site? When you view a color palette, there is a sidebar containing options for downloading different file types of the palettes. Just be sure to give credit to the creator of the palette if it’s not one you made. 🙂

Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of this site is its social networking format, which allows you to give and recieve feedback on pallettes and patterns. Your palettes and patterns are displayed according to popularity. Here’s my colourlovers profile. 

About Teresa DeMio

Welcome to my corner of the internet. Cleveland has given me a blue collar work ethic, a rust belt aesthetic, and a passion for the arts. Graphic design is my weapon of choice. I am a package design enthusiast. I'm also into reading, thrifting, and collaging. Taro bubble tea and 80s horror movies are a couple of things that rock my socks.

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