Color palettes at Design Seeds.

Design seeds.

Design seeds.

Discover incredible color palettes by searching by RGB value or conceptual theme. You’ll believe me once you see it. Beautiful work by Jessica:

“i created the concept of Design Seeds in May of 2009 as a way to bring a unique approach to design blogging through my passion for color.

beginning in art school and throughout my design career, i have created color palettes while collecting inspiration in journals. Design Seeds are a modern interpretation of these original color journals.

my design experience extends beyond color. i graduated from the Center for Creative Studies with a BFA in Industrial Design. i have worked at companies including Ford, Reebok, & Timberland prior to “going on my own.” through my consultancy Seed, i work with clients in a diversity of industries consulting on social media, brand, trend, color, and design.” is a resource suggested by Jenn Visocky-O’Grady to ART 444.

About Matt Kapela

Hello, I'm a graphic design and psychology student at Cleveland State University. Currently I'm serving as president of CSU's student chapter of AIGA. I'm convinced that when designers work together, great things can happen.

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