6 Great Design Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

This list of tips, tricks and tutorials from around the web are great if you’re looking for a small project to fill in some down time. Dig in and have fun!

1. Create a Sports-Themed Text Effect in Photoshop

Cleveland is a sports town, there’s no denying it. We have the Indians, Browns and Monsters, not to mention the CSU Vikings for soccer, basketball and more. Use this tutorial to build a spectacularly dynamic sports team banner. Here’s what I made using this as a base:

2. Make a Hipster Logo

What? You don’t already have your own circle logo with a ribbon through it? How can you call yourself a modern designer without a faux old-fashioned stitched patch?? Well, no need to fret! Check out this handy-dandy infographic to learn everything you need to know about the always-fresh-looking vintage logo design!

3. Vector Vehicle Design

Over the past few months, I’ve become a big fan of vector art. When done right, vector art is always clean, crisp, and best yet, can be used at any size with no downgrading (but I’m sure you already knew that tidbit). When I searched for more vector works, this tutorial caught my eye. Try it for yourself! I would love to see what you come up with. This also features tips on how to use custom brushes in Illustrator.

4. Vector “Tattoo” Line art

Here’s a nifty li’l tutorial that might help if you ever have to create a mock-up of a hemp shopping bag or tattoo or shirt design. This tutorial includes tips on how to make a shape of evenly spaced elements as well as using lines to create the illusion of shading. Plus it has quite a few great symbols that you might want to add to your personal vector library for future projects.

5. Flat Type in Illustrator

This typographic tutorial follows the hipster style with some Web 3.0 flare. This also gives great tips on how to create a subtle repeating pattern to give the background just the right amount of texture. And, yes, it also includes that ever-popular vector ribbon.

6. PSD 3-D Box Generator

This, my friends, is an excellent tool to keep in your library of Photoshop greatness. Use this to quickly and easily create a 3-D package mockup. This generator works by using built-in Photoshop actions that call external image files and manipulates them to fit the box’s reflection, shading and perspective. You will need this if you’re in a class with a project that calls for, say, an inkjet package. Here’s what I created using this very tool:

About Shawn T Gray

I am a Cleveland-based independent graphic designer, illustrator, and occassional interviewer & blogger, is. You want to know what Shawn T Gray — with his B.A. in Graphic Design from Cleveland State University (class of 2014) and countless successful client-based projects — can do for you and/or your company / event / project / random ideas.

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